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Finnish press "THE sales of the garrisons that have been closed because of the reform of the Finnish Defence Forces are complicated by dozens of barracks and other military buildings.

Without the buildings the areas' value would be many times higher.

According to Senaatti-kiinteistt, which is in charge of selling the properties, the buildings are not easily put to different uses, and fixing or dismantling them is expensive.

Division Director Heikki Laitakari does not consider the prospects of profit for the garrisons significant.

Instead, they appear to be economically disastrous for Senaatti.

'Last year we had to file a revaluation of 26 million he points out.

There are about ten sales objects.

So far only Kontioranta in Northern Karelia has been sold.

The offer time for Kauhava Training Air Wing and Kotka Coast Battalion has closed.

Kotka is, however, at the moment stuck with regard to Rankki, because the National Board of Antiquities has demanded an ancient monument report.

Senaatti aims to sell the areas, such as Keuruu's combat engineer battalion, in the current entities.

Some areas were chopped, such as Lahti.".

The history of Finnish saunas, obviously, the Finns began to use the sauna for about two thousand years ago.

Although most old documents date back to about a thousand years ago.
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