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X xx yoga
, and how a visualization of my own body doing a posture in my minds eye can unlock the way for my body to learn.

If I feel it, see it and believe it and then put in the work, the hours of figuring it out, the dedication to the process.

I think that both aspects of the process, the visualization along with the work.

Sometimes we forget that hard work on its own is not enough.

A negative thought or mind-block can actually affect that hard work.

And sometimes it can be difficult to get out of our own heads, thats why the breath is so transformative - it allows the mind to be quieter.

Within one conscious breath, the mind is no longer chattering.

And in that silence, that space, where there is unity between body, mind and breath, is where we can truly access our unlimited possibility.

#yoga #breathefully #iloveyou #livingroomyogasessions, swipe to the third slide for my favorite way to sit.

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