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Get started 4k00:08A little girl watches through a glass how cookies or bread are baked in the oven.

Mom and daughter are waiting for the baking.

4k00:10Happy loving adult grown son embrace old middle aged mother sit covered with warm blanket on chair drink tea on cozy weekend at home.

Two 2 age generations hugging look at camera posing for portrait 4k00:14Two moms and two sons drinking cold beverages from fridge on picnic blanket during summer family camping vacation with tent in forest.

Happy family with Siberian Husky dog.

4k00:22Father reading book and his ill son measuring temperature while they lying on sofa.

Beautiful mother bringing hot drink and taking thermometer.

Concept of illness and healthcare.

4k00:14Mother Applying Sunblock Cream on Kid.

Mom Applying Sunscreen Lotion on Body Son at Beach.

Mother Preparing Child for Bath in Sea.

Happy Family at Beach Sun Protection.

Travel Summer Suntan Vacation.

4k00:09Mom puts the child on plate the Turkish sweetness of Lokma.

Slow Motion Video 4k00:12Mother and daughter cooking together at home, taking out bakery from the oven in the kitchen hd00:36Blurred mom and baby walk in the park fountain on a hot summer day hd00:09Slow motion footage of cheerful young.

Stay cation 4k00:22Two boys helping two moms to put up a tent in forest for their local family camping tourism.
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