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Son mom incest

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Son mom incest
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Incest Submission: Mom Son, simon was in his freshman college psychology class when all his unhealthy obsessions, or at least the biggest one, suddenly made sense.

His professor discussed Sigmund Freud's Oedipus Complex, Freud believed it was a universal psychological phenomenon that all boys fantasize about having sex with their mothers.

There was utter silence as their professor spoke and Simon wondered instantly if it was because all the other male students were all thinking the same thing he was.

Although Simon had a steady and very hot girlfriend, who liked giving head and whom he fucked regularly, every time he masturbated it was not while imagining his girlfriend Kim, but rather to images of his mother, Sara.

As his professor continued to discuss how the Oedipus complex was a theory that deep inside every boys' subconscious is the desire to sexually possess their mother.

These inappropriate thoughts are held deep inside the boy's subconscious and never released, therefore never being dealt with emotionally.

In extreme cases, the son wants to murder his father and replace him as the man of the house.

He had fantasized about having sex with his mother forever, and always felt guilty afterwards.

He was always horny, being eighteen, and his fantasies always included his mother being his sexual submissive and obeying his every order, the way he assumed she did for his father in the bedroom when he was alive.

His fantasies were often different, but they always included his mom in pantyhose, obeying his every sexual whim.

Sometimes he imagined forcing her to suck his cock and shooting his cum down her throat; other times he imagined being woken up by his mom's beautiful lips; other times he fantasized taking her in the.
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