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events, we're sharing news articles about them on Facebook, and we're uploading live videos as events happen during protests.

These platforms are being used to communicate, to express outrage, to share what we're witnessing on the streets, to debate ideas, and to campaign for candidates.

This isn't new, of course.

Social media has long been a way to get information out quickly.

"When the plane landed on the Hudson, that was one of the first events that was social media first says.

Kate Starbird, associate professor in the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.

"The news went out via social media first because it was faster.

People could actually see what was going on long before people could write a story about it or put it on the news.".

Social media has also been lauded as a way for people to get information from a variety of perspectives everybody can share what they see.

But, she adds, "the problem is that there is some inherent risk and vulnerabilities in getting things at that speed because speed can drive misinformation and mistakes." It's also incredibly difficult to know if all of these voices on social media are real.

Some of those accounts might be deliberately trying to spread disinformation.

Disinformation spreads quickly during and after natural disasters, mass shootings, and other dangerous events.
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